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Vintage Mic


Professional Microphone with Pop Filter

Mansion Sound is strategically comprised of three state of the art control rooms, a centrally located machine room and tracking room as well as an expansive film scoring stage measuring 75’ W X 50’ D featuring an expansive theatrical screen and high definition video projection.

The Mansion Sound spacious tracking room features three custom designed ISO rooms including a classic grand piano that can be rolled from the main room into one of the ISO rooms.  There is a 96-channel split with Jensen Transformers allowing live performances to be recorded from any of the three control rooms.


Control Room A has 128 lines to the tracking/film scoring stage, Control Room B has 96 lines to the tracking/film scoring stage and Control Room C has 48 lines to the tracking/film scoring stage.


All lines from the tracking rooms and tracking/film scoring stage are routed through an Intec Audio switching matrix.  Lines can be routed in banks of 8

or all at once to and from all locations allowing the tracking room and the tracking/film scoring stage to be used at the same time from control rooms

A, B & C.


Cameras are located at FOH and on the tracking/film scoring stage allowing performances to be viewed in all three control rooms.

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