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Professional Microphone with Pop Filter

Mansion Sound is strategically comprised of three state of the art control rooms, a centrally located machine room and tracking room as well as an expansive film scoring stage measuring 75’ W X 50’ D featuring an expansive theatrical screen and high definition video projection.

The Mansion Sound spacious tracking room features three custom designed ISO rooms including a classic grand piano that can be rolled from the main room into one of the ISO rooms.  There is a 96-channel split with Jensen Transformers allowing live performances to be recorded from any of the three control rooms.


Control Room A has 128 lines to the tracking/film scoring stage, Control Room B has 96 lines to the tracking/film scoring stage and Control Room C has 48 lines to the tracking/film scoring stage.


All lines from the tracking rooms and tracking/film scoring stage are routed through an Intec Audio switching matrix.  Lines can be routed in banks of 8

or all at once to and from all locations allowing the tracking room and the tracking/film scoring stage to be used at the same time from control rooms

A, B & C.


Cameras are located at FOH and on the tracking/film scoring stage allowing performances to be viewed in all three control rooms.

See What MIX Magazine has to say ...

Mansion Sound was recently added to the pantheon of world-class studios with the unveiling of a recording and mixing complex featuring the only 96-input Solid State Logic Duality Fuse SuperAnalogue console currently in existence, paired with the most powerful Genelec immersive music system in the United States to date.

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